The following are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to car detailing:


What is car detailing?


A detail service is a thorough top to bottom cleaning and protecting of the vehicles interior and exterior surfaces for satisfactory and long-lasting results, and is highly recommended to protect and maximise your car's lifespan.


Detailers are trained in all aspects to maintain the car from every angle, and work to remove any defects found on your car, not temporarily hide them.  


What is the difference between a car wash and a car detailer?


There is a big difference between having your car washed at a car wash and having it professionally detailed. 


A car detail means greater attention is paid to each detail of the car that a car wash would miss. In other words, car washes may temporarily mask problem areas, but they would often show through in a matter of days. Car detailing works to remove any problems for the long run, such as blemishes, oxidation and etching marks.


Having your car detailed at Dominion Autocare means your car will receive greater care and longer lasting results as detailers use high quality products to keep to our high standards. 


Will detailing my car increase its value?


Yes. If you were looking to sell your vehicle in the future, regular detailing appointments will help increase the value of the car or at least make it an easier sale. 



Why should I choose Dominion Autocare?


Dominion Autocare has a reputation for providing excellent results with our professional service that puts you and your car first. You can trust our workmanship and quality of materials used.


We treat every car with upmost care as if they were our own.


We do not skip any glaring defaults just because its not in the package you paid for.


We use the best products and techniques to detail your car.


We do not use heavy duty chemicals with a heavy hand for convenience at a price of quality. 


Our workshop is fully insured and has 24/7 monitoring so that your car is well taken care of and in safe hands. 


Finally, we issue computer generated invoices on the day of the service once we are finished.


What areas do you service?


Dominion Autocare services all customers in Melbourne. We also provide a pick-up and drop-off service within a 25KM distance of our Dandenong location. Call us for more information at 1300 84 84 56 or Make a Booking